Sunday, November 20, 2011


I finally received my Stylemint Halloween surprise purchase. I have been tracking this package online everyday obsessively. I was so happy to have gotten yesterday and I am very satisfied. The Mulholland tee in ivory and the Morning rain earrings from jewelmint.

I probably should have waited to show these items in an outfit post but I just could not contain myself. Plus the packaging is way too cute and chic to not take pictures. The red rope I will use as a bracelet for the fall. And I love the color of the jewelmint box. Thank you Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Kate Bosworth for making such likable items. And thanks for keeping my wallet forever empty after these purchases. 


  1. Loving that tee! Haha I agree, I too like the color of the jewlmint box..

    All the best, ~Angel

  2. oh, i'm absolutely lovestruck by that effortless tee!

    i'm really torn if i should buy anything off the stylemint page, because i'm not sure if you're supposed to buy anything every month (which would be the worst for my wallet). i kinda didn't get the whole concept. do you know anything more about it?

    xx //

  3. i like those earrings! <3