Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Vests and Frankenstein nails

Nathan and I found these at the local thrift shop and knew we had to buy them. We wore these for Halloween. Its weird posting pictures of my toes on here but I just could not keep this cute Frankenstein design to myself. My sister in law did them. They are so fun and I love it. This post is late considering Halloween is over sorry.

Hope everyone is doing good and you all enjoyed my little fun side.


  1. is that Nathan? idk why but i pictured him a lot different haha. it's cute how you guys got matching vests :-)

    XO D

  2. omg! those nails are toooo cute. who cares if halloween is over lol

  3. omg, those nails are so fun and whimsical! you are absolutely darling.. and amazing style you have and you're so young! new follower.... had fun looking. :) maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers!