Monday, November 7, 2011


I have an obsession with owls. Owl sweaters, owl earrings, owl necklace, owl figurines. Its sick really. I saw this sweater at Forever 21 and it was the only thing I could not put down. Shoes are BCBG, sweater, headband, bag, skirt all from Forever 21 and blazer from American Eagle. 
I apologize for the late response to comments and lack of posts. School is keeping me so busy, less than a month left. Pray for me blogger friends. So close, but feels so so far away!

Wearing my glasses in this post, usually I wear contacts. I'm super blind, like without them I cannot see anything, I call them eyes. Because my actually eyes are good eyes at all.
Hope everyone is having a grand week!


  1. such a lovely sweater on you!! love it
    thank you for your comment, but I followed you a few days ago

  2. i'm seriously in love with your owl sweater.

    xx //

  3. I love owls too. I have some owl earrings but your jumper is adorable!


  4. Such a cute look, pullover + sweet skirt ! ^^ Lovely.

    Thanks for your kind comment, have a nice week dear! ^^

    xx indie by heart

  5. Youare so cute so as your top1 Hope you had better eyesight.. Gorgeous blog.... Hey it'll be lovely if we follow each other.I am following you now :) Thanks!

  6. Remember to follow via Google Friend Connect! :_)

  7. Thanks for your comment, Ann! Love those shoes you have on! We are following you.


  8. You look so nice with your glasses on!

    Hahahah no I think you guys make such a cute couple. I love how much more natural your smile seemed in the photo with him, than in any other photo you've posted.

    Also, yess Sydney is amazing. I love it here!!! :-) if you ever come tell me and I'll totally show you around for a whole day or something. Take you to all my favourite places and shops and beaches and markets :-) i'm such a proud Aussie!! hahah.

    XO D

  9. It seems like owls are hot this season! I am seeing them on everything.. Love it..

    All the best, ~Angel