Monday, October 24, 2011

White tank and jeans

One of my favorite outfits to wear is a white tank or white shirt with blue jeans. Which I wore on a shopping trip to Austin. I bought some exciting new clothes that I cannot wait to wear and put up on the blog. I went shopping at the Domain which is one of my favorite places, it has Zara, Forever 21, Luxe Apothetique, Juicy Couture, ect. And they also have California Pizza Kitchen, which is my favorite place ever to eat. Its a great place to just walk around maybe except the weekends when it gets super crowded but any other day is great. It has cute little apartments above the stores and people walk the dogs, really fun. When I was there they had some sort of dog fest, all sorts of dogs were running around and being way too cute and making me want to adopt all of them.

 Wearing Hollister skinny jeans, gray Havaianas, white ruffled tank from Gilly Hicks, cupcake earrings from Forever 21 (too small to see on my ears), black bag from Zara and a scarf I got at a market in Cadiz, Spain.

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