Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hiking trip

Finally putting these pictures up. I think this place is so pretty. My boyfriend decided to make our own trail. Scary and exciting at the same time. We finally get to the top and he has never been here and apparently not many people have, it was beautiful and deserted. Out of no where Nathan sees paw prints, of an animal that we could not identify. We saw deer prints but these other prints were huge, I have no pics obviously because I was more worried about getting out of there than pictures. We were wandering around for awhile trying to look for any sign of human existence and there were none except for a really old string. Then we heard this noise like metal clanging and the noise that swings make when kids are them, it was so so so creepy. It was coming from a tree? Even more scary. We really need to stick to the trails.

The top before the discovery of mysterious paw prints 

Nathan decided this was the only trail down, full of thorny branches, slippery dirt and trees just waiting to poke my eyes out. There was an actual trail a couple feet away, but we didn't know till we got to the bottom. Of course.

Pretty lake

There is actually a waterfall there, a little tiny one.

Old bridge, I felt like a bad ass after I crossed it, but its like 2 feet from the bottom. Haha.

Look how old this Mountain Dew can is! Its kind of cool but also creepy...

Fallen log.

We got snow cones after, this is pink cotton candy and wedding cake. yum. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope to see some of your adventures!

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