Friday, January 27, 2012

Aztec inspired skirt

Hi! This will be a quick post. I have 7 am clinicals tomorrow, I know on a Saturday! And I'll be working at a hospital 1 hour away from my home, so I will be waking up at 4:00-4:15 am to get ready and make it on time. One thing I've never mentioned on here is that, I can be very unpunctual sometimes, its not a good quality but I am working on it. Today I wore a sweater from Ruehl, H&M white shirt, Aztec inspired skirt from Pacsun, Forever 21 knee highs and necklace, my brown riding boots from Zara and my Stylemint bag. I love this purse because I can literally stuff everything in it. Windy hair pictures below.

At the last minute I put my hair down because I remembered I hadn't shown you guys my new hair, Nathan told me to look excited, hence the face. I am really good at looking excited! Better pictures next time I promise. Though I really am liking the short do, I want to get shorter!
Gonna get some rest.
Hope everyone is having a good week, almost done guys!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy (Late) New Years!

Happy New Years! I know, I am wayyyy too late. But it is still a new year :). I started school last week and the week before that I was preparing for it and doing as little as possible cause I knew that wouldn't happen again until May. Before we even started school we already had a test scheduled. Really? Yeah.
I've been playing the Civil Wars and Lana Del Ray non stop on my IPhone. The weather in Texas right now is not what it should be, I should be freezing and wearing my winter coats but instead I have been running around in skirts and dresses. Grateful for good weather, but I love cold weather! Mainly cause I feel like I can dress better in winter than I can in summer. Plus all the great boots, scarves and beanies I can stack up on.
I took these pictures 2 weeks ago at Forever 21 in Waco, Texas. I've only uploaded them now cause I've been busy, blah, blah. My hair is long in these pictures, but its actually short now!!! Not too short, but short enough. I need to post pics, I will soon.
Wearing a Old Navy sweater, H&M star dress, Abercrombie and Fitch belt, Hue black tights, Gap tote and Jessica Simpson blue suede heels. I got the red necklace at Pacsun. The bag is actually what my mom was wearing that day I borrowed it cause the bag I was wearing, a plaid Gilly Hicks tote, did not match. I really love that dress it has this great collar and these pictures do it no justice.

Back to studying, again I apologize for not replying to comments fast enough. But I promise I will always reply back!
Have a great week friends.